August 2018 Update: We want to support those who support us. Until further notice all users will receive a 75% commission rate on all sales. 

Compare us to our competitors where you can make as little at $0.25 for a sale on ShutterStock. We value our contributors and believe they should be fairly rewarded.

Payments are made monthly by PayPal. Ensure that your sign up email address matches your PayPal account. If it does not and you are not receiving commissions please contact us to recitfy.

Commission rates are subject to change, and any changes will be published on this page. 

We are a new website and while we like to support our operators with high commission rates, we are also trying to bring in users to the site to buy photos. Discounts can lead to the final amount you receive being less than expected. For example if a user purchases 3 photos they receive 10% off. So your photo at $139.00, now actually sold for $125.10 and you would receive $62.55 (at 50% commission level). Potentially though you may have sold 2 or 3 photos in the one transaction, increasing your total revenue.