Basic Photo Editing

Quick Summary: For better looking photos use our Adobe Lightroom Preset with some adjustments to Temperature, Horizon, Exposure, Contrast and Lens Correction.

We love to see high quality photos on SkyStock and want to help out contributors to get the best out of their images. Our Adobe Lightroom Basic Editing video is a small start to improving your photos.

Before viewing this video, please visit our Free Adobe Lightroom Preset page to install our preset as well as to install Adobe Lightroom if required. Once installed import your photo(s) into Lightroom using the preset as described on the page.

Also view our Drone Settings page to ensure you have your drone set up correctly. For some settings such as exposure if the drone is set incorrectly and a photo is overexposed you will struggle to get the detail and quality photos you are looking for.

Have any questions or queries about editing photos? Feel free to discuss this with other contributors on our Facebook Contributors Group or touch base with us directly.