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Quick Summary: Use Adobe Lightroom for your editing needs and install our preset for a good baseline start of your photo editing.

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What does a preset do? A preset will add a predefined set of settings to your photos during import on Adobe Lightroom. We find the Preset is a great start to editing your photos, however further edits will be required to get your desired result. Our next tutorial will go over some basic Lightroom editing techniques.

We find Adobe Lightroom is the best program out there for editing your photos. We will go through specific editing techniques in our next tutorial. For now head to and start your free trial. After the trial period you only pay a low monthly fee for the latest version of Lightroom. As a bonus in the Photography Package you also receive access to Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop is also a great program for those wanting to take their editing further and deeper than Lightroom.

The team at SkyStock has used a number of Windows and Mac based computers. In our opinion the Apple Mac range of computers work the best with photo editing. While you do pay more, they seem to work very well and provide good integration with Adobe Lightroom. Keep an eye on eBay as often there are some great specials to be had. Having an Apple is not compulsory, however when purchasing a new computer make sure it has a fast processor and plenty of ram to perform well.

Download Preset

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Installation steps:

  1. In Adobe Lightroom on the menu bar go to Edit (Windows) or Lightroom (Mac), then Preferences, followed by Presets;
  2. Click on the box titled: Show Lightroom Presets Folder;
  3. Open the Lightroom folder;
  4. Open the Develop Presets folder;
  5. Open the User Presets folder;
  6. Find the downloaded Preset file and transfer it to this folder;
  7. Quit and restart Adobe Lightroom.

How to use:

  1. Go to the Import dialogue in Adobe Lightroom.
  2. Select the photos you would like to edit.
  3. In the right hand panel find the Apply During Import tab.
  4. Under Develop Settings navigate to User Presets and then Preset. If the preset is not visible have you reset Adobe Lightroom or ensured you have installed the preset in the correct folder?
  5. If you make any changes to Metadata, ensure you select Camera Info specifically GPS data. This will ensure an accurate position is produced when you upload photos to SkyStock.
  6. Click Import.

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